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What Exactly is CEO Mentoring? Do I really need it?

As a strong CEO leader, you do not have to travel the journey on your own.

As a CEO you are at the top of your career, sometimes it can be a lonely place and balance and perspective can be hard to achieve.

Our CEO mentoring program partners you with an experienced ex CEO who has walked in your shoes and can give you confidential real-world advice.

You might need additional strategic clarity to deal with your toughest challenges and get back that renewed energy in your work and personal life.


Woking with a CEO mentor you will be able to explore the right questions to tackle your issues in a measured yet knowledgeable way.

Our work with you will help you make a greater impact on your organization.

Our customizable CEO mentoring program offers you sound advice and guidance from a former CEO who can be that sounding board in a completely confidential progressive relationship.

As your CEO mentor, we will work with you offering to consult, mentoring, and will structure our time with you around your busy schedule.

Your CEO mentor will find the right mix of hands-on in-person one to one coaching, team development and observation, and distance video conference calls.

The outcomes we look for from our work with you are:


  • A greater executive and organisational perspective
  • Strategic clarity and vision
  • Solutions to organisational issues
  • Greater executive awareness and alignment
  • Reenergisation of passion for the role
  • Great results for your position and organisation

What Can We Help You With


Working With The Board






Work Life Balance


You Will Recieve

A Dedicated Mentor – with real CEO experience

Initial Assessment – face to face (if possible) initial assessment

Goal setting and planning session

3 x monthly 45-minute mentoring sessions over the course of the program

Updates and Revisions to the mentoring plan

Access to your mentor 24/7 via Whatsapp

The Ability to Attract and Retain Quality Workers

One of the common problems a CEO faces on a day to day basis is the ability to attract and retain key workers. Is there more you can do to present the face of the organisation in a more positive and proactive manner?


Through Coaching Gain A Thorough Awareness Of Yourself

Some of the most successful leaders in the business world have spoken openly how building their own self-awareness has helped build and develop both themselves and their teams. Working with your coach you will build awareness of your mode of operandum which will develop your leadership style.

I Also Give Hands-On Workshops & Seminars For Your Staff

Not only do we offer one on one coaching we can also help with your staff development needs. Our workshops cover anything from remote working to conflict resolution. We create bespoke courses based on your need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hiring A CEO Mentor Really Work?

Of the CEO Mentoring clients surveyed, more than 85% reported financial benefits that far exceeded the investment they made hiring a CEO Mentor and 70% reported improved work performance

 CEO’s also reported an increase in self-awareness – one of the most powerful “soft skills” you can develop for building your business network

CEO Mentoring is an individualized program that builds on your existing strengths with the aim of improving your leadership skills and operational value. All mentoring is personalized and customized to meet your expectations and outcomes. Usually, it is one to one for a limited time period with a specific business issue or personal challenge in mind

How Is CEO Mentoring Beneficial?

CEO Mentoring helps you as a leader gain a greater understanding of yourself and gain more emotional intelligence. This will help you become a more empathetic leader, better use of time and resources. improve communication methods and broaden your external perspective

Why Should I Hire A CEO Mentor?

The Harvard Business Review confirms that business owners and managers decide to work with a CEO Mentor for a wide range of reasons – 48% to facilitate a business transition, 26% to act as a sounding board and 12% to address problems derailing the company.

We can help you take your leadership skills to the next level by mentoring you in various key aspects of your role. These include being a supportive leader, defining the problem and the needs to solve it, how to deal with conflict, and creating an impact.

How Much Does A CEO Mentor Cost?

When you think about investing in mentoring services or any other form of business assistance, you want to think about your return on investment and whether or not the returns that justify the expense.

 We schedule your free 30-minute session with a CEO Mentoring Specialist to learn more about the cost to invest in Atticus coaching services

Initially it is about building a relationship based on trust. Our individualized programs take on board your needs and aspirations and we build in many tried and trusted techniques such as CBT and GROW models to help you achieve your stated goals

What Should I Expect From CEO Mentoring

When you hire a CEO Mentor you are investing in establishing and clarifying your business goals.  Your mentor will help you align your business and personal goals and help you see the ‘wood from the trees’. As you work with your mentor you will discover processes for addressing challenges, creating solutions, and preparing you for long term success.




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