Why In These Difficult Times You Really Need A Business Coach

We currently live in unprecedented times. 

For the business world, we have not ever experienced the disruption and operational disruptions that we have had over the past months.

No matter what stage your business is at, it is going to take some time to get yourself and/or your business back to where you were six months ago.

There genuinely are tough times ahead where you will need all your resilience, leadership, and energy to deliver what is required. 

There is no doubt that a business coach can help you.

Research into business coaching has found that they make you work harder, you progress faster, but more importantly, provide the scaffolding of support and perspective that are going to need.

A recent business survey, 86% of business owners, has seen a positive impact on their business.


Is A Business Coach The Same As A Business Consultant?

There is some natural confusion between a business consultant and a business coach.

Usually, consultants are brought into a business to provide a solution to a particular challenge the company is facing.

Coaches, on the other hand, help leaders and business owners come up with their solutions. 

Consultants solve the business problem, whereas coaches train the leader or business owner to resolve the issues and issues through self-discovery.

So the ten reasons why you need a business coach in your corner.

Take You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

It is very easy to get so engrossed in your day to day business life that you lose all perspective of what is essential.

Your every day becomes familiar to you, and it is very hard to see beyond that.

A business coach can help you step outside that.

With a business coach support, you can push yourself to get out of your comfort zone. To go out and meet new people and try different things out in your role or your business.

Most of us get caught in our comfort zone. It helps limit stress in our lives and produces a steady level of performance.

To step out of your comfort zone, you will need to experiment with new behaviors and then go on to experience new and different responses.

By having a business coach alongside you, you can gain the confidence to try stepping out of your comfort zone and be sure that there is someone to help you deal with the new environmental experiences.

Personal Attention

One key aspect that a business coach can bring you is that they develop a relationship that allows them to gain a keen awareness of your business or leadership role.

You don’t get that sort of in-depth knowledge from a group training session or a personal mentor.

Due to the nature of a business coach’s background, they have experienced many similar experiences, frustrations, and setbacks that you may experience.

There are not many times in a working day that someone is going to focus solely on you for 60 minutes, questioning, encouraging, and probing you about the various issues you might be facing.

It can sometimes feel a very lonely place as a senior leader or business owner; a business coach can give you that sounding board to help you.


Someone Who Doesn’t Always Agree

In the sporting world, it is very common for elite athletes who are striving for the top of their sport to have a coach.

A coach is someone who will tell you how it is. They will not sugarcoat or hold back. If you are doing something that they think is harming your development, they will say to you.

The same can be said for a business coach

Turn Your Ideas Into Reality

How many times have you had a brilliant idea, but for one reason or another, you have not been able to turn it into anything tangible?

In your business or job role, you might have a great idea but not sure where to start to make it a reality.

Having a business coach alongside you will help you evaluate your ideas and work with you to test out how real they could be.

A business coach can also help you create an implementation plan to either present to your superiors or put into action in your business

A Confidential Partner

If you are a business owner, a CEO, or a senior leader, it can sometimes feel very lonely. It is sometimes quite challenging to talk openly and honestly about your real concerns.

Your life partner or close friends don’t always make the best confidantes for various reasons.

Having a business coach alongside you can provide you with that sounding board, that quiet space to focus and problem solve without strings.

A business coach can talk openly and honestly with you without you feeling penned in or criticized.


Increased Networking

It is a well-known fact that the more you are exposed to successful people, the more you will succeed yourself.

A business coach can also become an advocate for you. They get to know you and how you might react to situations.

You will be at the forefront of their mind when they are meeting and interacting with others.

You Will Become More Productive

Quite simply, a good business coach will improve your revenue production – you will make more money.  Using the expertise of the business coach and being able to make measured rationale decisions will get you in the right place to improve your overall profit potential

Self Confidence and Belief

Having a business coach on your side will improve and enhance your confidence. Confidence is everything in business. Your business coach has probably been there and done that. They know many of the pitfalls and issues that can knock your confidence and self-belief 

A good coach will encourage you to develop yourself and, in particular, by making good, rational decisions that will yield the required results. 


As you are busy running your organization or business, things become more complex and demanding, and you can push things back that you really should attend.

A business coach can ensure you don’t dismiss the mundane at the expense of your business goals.

They will have set a range of goals with you and will push you and make you accountable for those goals. Just that alone will make you more productive. 

Unbiased Opinions

Having a business coach will mean that they get to know more about you than your business activities and thus will have no industry biases. They can prove and unbiased opinion based on the evidence in front of them, not on what has gone before.

A good business coach will help you uncover solutions to problems that you might be too close to the business to see.

There we have it. Although it might seem like a luxury, it is a sound business investment that can help you become successful and better at what you do.

For more information about business coaching and free! Consultation on how a business coach can help you contact Atticus Coaching at www.atticuscoaching.net



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